Meet Carl-Chapel Hill Town Council Candidate 2017

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I filed as a challenger for the 2017 Municipal Election at the Orange County Board of Election in Hillsborough,NC on Thursday,July 20th, 2017 at 4:40pm.   My goal in filing for the upcoming Chapel Hill Town Council  election stems from my shared vision of the Chapel Hill 20/20 process and the current Town Council goals .
My ongoing civic and volunteering activities speaks to Council goals as well as to  a diversified and dynamic community in Chapel Hill.

My core issues heading into the 2017 election season include:

  Affordable Housing


Community(education, inclusivity and the recognition of diversity of the town's citizens)

Now that local municipal election filing period has closed [Friday, July 21st at Noon], and as we head into the Fall election season, I look forward to the upcoming candidate forums and for the opportunity to meet with you to discuss current and near-future town issues for 2017 and beyond.

Feel free to reach me by phone, 919-599-5234, or by e-mail,

Change begins at the local level.

Thanking you for your interest in the local municipal election process,


This  upcoming 2017 municipal election season will require significant effort and funds to make this campaign a success.
I welcome your assistance with the campaign in any number of ways-including:
Contribute your ideas, initiative and support
Mark a campaign donation (online donation accepted soon…)